Woob 0013, 1113 + 2213 Teaser



  1. Interesting, is it really happening – a proper new WOOB release??? Not M&H aka Woob BUT the full on WOOB!!!
    It looks like you might have given up smoking and decided to erase the past and destroy the only existing unreleased WOOB cassette, and oddly looks like you could be celebrating birthday #2…
    Hmmmm I think I might be reading that picture all wrong ;)

  2. Nikos says:

    its been like almost 20 years since I ve heard your sounds….. : ) happy birthday : )

  3. Scab Boy says:

    haha great pic!

  4. Is the agent Dale Cooper near you ?

    Blow candles and summits one wishes…

    I hope that it will come true !

  5. Rob King says:

    I am REALLY looking forward to hearing any new releases, Mr. Woob! I honestly cannot wait to hear them!


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