BAS ARTIFACT03MSE / BAS ARTIFACT03M – Woob Artifacts from the future?

have_landedA mysterious photo of what appear to be red veined Have Landed plaques similar to the ‘Have Landed’ wooden artifact plaques (see below) has been uncovered by Season 9. According to a reliable unnamed source who leaked this image these card plaques are connected to the equally mysterious catalogue numbers that recently emerged on the Bigamoebasounds website.

Whilst another edition of a Complete Cinematic Works – wooden artifact is ruled out due to the Final edition already having been released, the spacecraft logo suggests  a definite Have Landed connection. Only time will tell what form and content these artifacts from the future will hold…


  1. Oh no, not again :-)

  2. Land on the Moon

    • Allow me a bracket ( … )

      Two musical compositions SoundTheatre 443 seconds & 261 seconds are beautiful atmosphreric experiments.

      What do they become ? The beginning of an album or an EP ?

      An update to download them would be a good news, right ?


      • It’s not this track sorry…

        It’s the track 443 seconds – Blog Season9 – Archives : December 2010 and the track 261 seconds – Blog Season9 – Archives : December 2009.

        When you will have time, thank you for verifying my request…

        One Thousand Times Thank You !

        I look forward to discovering what hides behind the last announcement Have Landed…

        Regards !

      • ah yes you are right was thinking of something else… so who knows! :)

  3. The curtain of the mystery remains lowered.

    I hope that you are in good shape.

    Take care of you, regards !

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