Woob – Have Landed – Shipping Forecast

cd box 700


All pre-orders have now shipped see below for dates.

At last pre-order shipping has begun. in fact I am a little late to post this forecast as I started shipping last week I just hadn’t had a chance to get any photos together for the post – there will be more over the coming week. Thanks for your patience and keep a look out for parcel/s heading your way.


Every time I ship something I’ll post date and details. Complete Cinematic Works Artifacts are first out the gate…

10.1.13  Some numbered Artifacts sent (UK sent first class, Recorded)

14.1.13 All numbered artifacts sent except Ultimate versions / most Final Edition sent (UK Sent first class, Recorded)

16.1.13 All M&H Technicolor sent (non-deluxe) / All Woob Europe & UK Technicolor sent (non-deluxe) Ultimate Parcel No.1 quarter sent:) More FInal Edition artifacts sent still a couple of these to go.

17.1.13 All Technicolor (Non-deluxe sent). All Technicolor Deluxe UK Sent – most of other regions sent too. All Final edition artifacts now sent. Ultimate – Parcel No.1 half now sent.


21.1.13 (MON) All Technicolor Deluxe Sent. All Final Edition Parcel 1 Sent. Quarter of Signed and Sealed Sent

22.1.13 All UK Signed + Sealed sent (1st Class Recorded) Half of rest sent too.

24.1.13 All Signed Monochrome Shipped (all regions – uk sent first class recorded) + a few unsigned. Most Signed and Sealed Sent too.

28.1.13 (MON) All S+S Sent! Half Ultimate Package 2 sent. Most Monochrome sent (all M&H) (UK Monochrome sent First class recorded)

29.1.13 All Monochrome sent. All Ultimate Package 2 sent….Which means all pre-orders have shipped!!!

cd back 800


Above: This is not a 1970’s cinema commercial it’s a priceless artifact No.0 Unsigned. What number will you get?


Above: The only text on the CD etched into the underside ..guess whats on the front?



  1. (pulls greasy paw’s out of pockets…rubs together…)

  2. season9 says:


  3. (wipes sweat…bites nails..)

  4. Updated for yesterdays shipping

  5. Trystan says:

    I gets #2. :)

  6. Had to battle through heavy snow and blizzards with tennis rackets tied to my feet today but made it through for todays delivery…post updated!

  7. you are a trooper paul ;) thanks for your snow expedition! got my artifact at the weekend :) great to have all that max & harvey/woob in one very cool place! love it…..this great work indeed!!!!

  8. Updated for yesterday’s shipping + Technicolor CD photos added

  9. Looking forward to receiving the monochrome edition, has this been shipped yet??

  10. season9 says:

    Updated for yesterday’s shipping + added monochrome photos…

  11. Paul,

    just received the signed and sealed cd and a signed album, but no sealed monochrome.
    Has there been a mistake or will this be send later?

  12. Guess I forgot I ordered 4 different versions then?

  13. Updated for today’s Shipping….

  14. Got my album today. Such lovely packaging. Successful stickering too ;)

  15. package received today, once again wonderful album, and clap-clap for the mastering engineer’s work., it’s just erotica 4 ears ;)

  16. Updated for yesterday’s shipping all pre-orders now shipped!!!

  17. Received, fantastic packaging indeed. Loving the album. Cheers Paul

  18. Received also, very lovely monochrome edition. Stunning!
    ….but what is the little snippet at the end of the cd?

  19. I received the parcel. The jackets of the compact disc are magnificent and the music is a real pleasure for ears. I placed stickers on CD, I keep of it one for me, the other one will make a beautiful present for friend . Thanks and regards !

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