Woob – Have Landed – Complete Cinematic Works – Final Edition Artifact Now Available


Even with all other options available the first edition Complete Cinematic Works sold out almost immediately, so here is one last pre-order opportunity to get your hands on the that exclusive content complete with signature plaque and black magnetically sealed silver spacecraft print case.

Final Edition contents include The Vinyl Collection a complete album in itself. 24bit recordings captured from vinyl with a one-off clear vinyl (pictured above) pressed specifically to complete this collection.

Full contents listed on the Woob bandcamp page and again this Artifact is also available via the Emporium.

Click the link below to see complete contents and also help the legit album link rise above the mass of torrentz!


Have Landed

Massive thanks to everyone who has ordered anything so far a shipping forecast will be posted next week. Every legit sale digital or physical helps support and secure future releases.


  1. Mike Mullen says:

    Had to Google ‘Have Landed’ to see it for myself. The results were depressing considering the fact that you are 100% independent. I’m glad that the more expensive editions sold out so quickly because that *(hopefully) means more motivation to continue to do what you do but seeing how widespread the illegitimacy is saddens me.

    • The thing that gets me is google receive advertising revenue from some of these sites so its not in their interest to filter them out like ‘Bing’ does.

  2. Paul, big thanks for the 2nd press!
    Also some weeks ago I received Paradigm Flux keycard, so many thanks for original gadget & beautiful music.

    From Russia with love ^-^

  3. man, i knew i should have jumped sooner! already sold out. :'( i’ll be grabbing a signed and sealed edition, which i will console myself with.

    paul, thanks for continuing to bang out the great tunes!

  4. Moved some over from the Emporium


  1. […] another edition of a Complete Cinematic Works – wooden artifact is ruled out due to the Final edition already having been released, the spacecraft logo suggests  a definite Have Landed connection. […]

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