Woob – 1112 New Album – ‘Have Landed’ out now – CD Custom Cover options and Artifact available

In an amazing turn of events Woob has assimilated Max & Harvey and released the album ‘Have Landed’ aka Woob³ onto the world but don’t worry we cloned them first so you will still be able to buy the album at the Emporium if you prefer.

Have Landed encompasses some of the best recordings previously released under the Max & Harvey moniker along with a plethora of new material including a few surprises. With musical styles from the time periods of 1899, 1969, 1999 and 2099 in an H.G. Wells inspired time travel extravaganza. It’s the future that never happened – happening right now!

There is a whole host of different editions to check out at the Stores – here’s a summary:

Get lost in the late 19th century in a world created from the future in Technicolor. Create your own adventure with the ‘Custom Cover CD’ & deluxe sticker sheet or travel to a previous classified time and destination and battle giant sea creatures.

Alternatively peruse the Black & White 60’s elegant cinematic design aesthetics of the Monochrome Edition with hand crafted stencilled sleeve, poster and more (only 50 available.)

A release in its own right  Have Landed: ‘Complete Cinematic Works’ is delivered on a carved wooden artifact and contains not only the 24-bit masters but everything else related, including previously unreleased material and a special Vinyl captured collection: A one-off clear vinyl has been created especially for this collection. (Full contents listed on store page)

Finally for those who want it all and more the Ultimate Edition may hit 3 figures in its $ price tag but it comes with a replica of a real life rocket ship! but that’s just a bit of fun the main focus in this edition is the amount of merchandise you receive so much in fact it ships in two packages! Includes, unique hand drawn items, the Artifact, Monocrome CD Set + Signed and Sealed Edition Technicolor Edition and more. Only 4 Available (One Per Person)

Full details at Woob’s ‘Have landed’ Bandcamp page and if there’s something you were after and it’s sold out click on the Emporium to see if there are any left there.


Additional Info.

The Artifact is limited to 25, split between both stores and the Ultimate Edition. If it proves popular I may consider another 25 if enough people email me however this will come signed but not numbered.

All Products are pre-order but come with instant digital download + all pre-orders come with a bonus gift and bonus digital track. Shipping begins at some point in December but obviously if there is any delay I will ship in the new year if it gets too close to Xmas to post.

Also included the ‘Soon’ teaser (above) check out all those clues you missed…hint the reveal is in the last few frames!



  1. Once again you have made me a very happy man Mr. Frankland. I am simply ecstatic that I saw this soon enough to get my hands on one of the copies of the Ultimate Edition. Keep the amazing release packages coming!

  2. Looking good, love the limited editions, thats how things should be done, something the record industry seems to have forgotten about in recent times
    Downloading from BandCamp now, i’m sure i’ll be impressed…

  3. Thank you for sharing your musical imagination.

    Woob, you are a poet and a silversmith of the sound.

    Sincere admiration !

  4. Again too late for the collectors (posted at night?), what to do Paul, I really hate this!

  5. Paul, I ilke the comnplete cinematic to be signed as well. Can you tell if the cinematic edition contains the cd’s as well, otherwise I like to buy this also. Curious about the price for the ultimate edition. Still bumped I missed again.

  6. Paul, how many SIGNED + SEALED Collectors Edition (Pre-orders only) are made?

    • Well it icludes a Deluxe Edition (150) so when they start to run low I will withdraw this version even if pre-orders have not ended.

  7. Still doubting if I should order the monochrome and the signed + sealed also, does the monochrome have other goodies (the bag, etc…???)

    • Yes – (see listing on store page for details) the Monochrome edition comes with ‘space bag’ made aboard the ISS specifically for this release;)

  8. Mike Mullen says:

    Wow, my head is spinning after viewing the Bandcamp page and all of the amazing items that are (or were) available. Merch x50 was no exaggeration. Brennan Pettie was correct in his prediction that “this is BIG”. BIG indeed! The mother lode even. I’ve been at work all day so I haven’t had a chance yet for a proper listen. I did give it a quick peak and was happy to see that even some Journeyman abduction took place for this landing. Cheers Paul!

    • Cheers Mike. Looks like you got there just in time! JM – It’s a cover version!

      • Mike Mullen says:

        Just in time indeed. I still can’t believe that worked out in my favor but I’m glad it did. The stars must have been in alignment. BTW, the album is incredible and I wonder if this is similar to what Woob² was meant to be. It doesn’t matter though, all of your releases are fantastic

    • Re Woob² – No I don’t think so. Repurpose is the more ap. comparison

  9. dizzying array.
    so am I being thick, the 2 cd’s in the Signed & Sealed edition contain the same music?

  10. So now I ordered the cinematic, monochrome and signed and sealed edition.
    Are these being shipped from the UK or the USA?
    If from the USA can you lower the price on the package (lets say $20) due to customs here in the Netherlands.

  11. Thanks everyone – just to say when stock runs low in the Woob store I am moving some over from the Emporium and adjusting amounts accordingly.

  12. What a trip! This album has me completely entranced… it’s an epic journey to some weird and wonderful places. Had to order the limited editions. I also updated the Woob page at Wikipedia.

  13. Please more 25 Artifacts, don’t have much time to bought it :-(((

    Sincerely your,
    Evgeniy from Russia

  14. Great album, nice to have a home for all those tracks and they work well together, even some Journeyman in there – National Hijinx was always a favourite of mine.

  15. Amazing album! It’s like Woob, Max & Harvey, and Journeyman all collaborated on a singular release. Can’t wait for the CD!

  16. Very organic album, strang you went for a high tech design :-)

  17. gregorylent says:

    itunes please, the sample great divide is fabulous

  18. Did all the editions of ‘have landed’ have downloadable content?
    I have never unsealed the disc and was wondering, or am I wrong all together?

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