Woob 1112 Teaser II

…a reveal for the keen eyed viewer.


  1. Looking good :)

  2. The best things always come in threes :)

  3. So hard to catch without a search bar. I will prevail!!!

  4. Oh Shit! Not what I thought…
    ….if it’s what I think this is, this is BIG!!!

  5. Mike Mullen says:

    Well, I want to say that normally I hate your teasers. They are the equivalent of putting a glass wall between me and a juicy steak when I haven’t eaten any meat in 5 days. Now, this is not to say that this teaser is any more satisfying than your previous, but this teaser is captivating. I cannot imagine what this is. You are so good at creating mystery and I cannot wait to see what lies beyond this. I hope that whatever 1112 is, it involves both more of this visual enticement and of course your gift of auditory brilliance. ***DISCLAIMER, when I said I hate your teasers, I meant I love your teasers but damn you for building this suspense and making us wait***

  6. Nervous impulse…
    Sound energy…
    Electronic language…

    Abandoned storage facility restructures in a pyramid – WOOB3 – MUSIC – 11/12

    My heart beats more hardly !


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