Off Land

Tim Dwyers aka Off Land whose track Heliopause featured in last years Woob radio mix has returned with two highly atmospheric ambient offerings.  Split over two releases and labels Eventide passage and its companion album Overlook are described as:

The emptiness and mystery that surrounds a vehicle when driving through the blacknesss

Clearly this needs a field test. Let me know how you get on. Full details below:

Eventide Passage

Described as “the reflection of a night drive” and as “the emptiness and mystery that surrounds a vehicle when driving through the blackness,”Eventide Passage is music for travel (intro & extrospectively). Comprised of ten tracks mostly composed while actually traveling on planes, trains and automobiles, a sense of forward moving space is developed sonically providing warmth and security not unlike a safety belt in it’s most motherly nature. With the moving images viewed through windows sonified into their melodic & harmonic counterparts, Off Land has created a richly dense ambient album that pulses along with the heartbeat of our own ecology and civil engineering. With the added benefit of being mastered by Kris Weston (best known for his work as a member of The Orb), Off Land’s Eventide Passage is the perfect soundtrack for your future forward movements.


Overlook is a companion album to Eventide Passage. Eventide Passage was finished in early 2011. Overlook started as a collection of b-sides and alternate mixes of tracks recorded during the Eventide Passage sessions. These b-sides and audio scraps were expanded on, remixed, and reworked during the rest of 2011. The result is a sound that is both a continuation and a progression of the sound found throughout Eventide Passage. Like Eventide Passage, Overlook is an album of ambient electronic music to drive to. It is a soundtrack to those long lonely drives. Each track is titled after text on road signs spotted throughout my travels.

You can hear more Off Land via his website


  1. I’m trying out crowd funding for my next Off Land album:

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