Shipping Forecast – Woob Return to the City LV.2 Keycards

UPDATED 18.9 All existing orders sent! New orders dispatched within 3 days

UPDATED 17.9 First Batch dispatched! (Most of Batch/0) UK sent First Class Recorded

Finally all components are here for shipping to begin for the Woob – Return to the City, Level 2 Keycards including both sticker sets & the Batch/0 Tokyo Run comic strip art cards. (See below)

Shipping will begin on Monday Sept 17th. I will update this post as and when they are dispatched.


  1. YES!!!!!!!

  2. Trystan Forbes says:

    So looking forward to this :

  3. All pre-orders sent.

  4. awesome! how long do you think it’ll take for them to arrive in the US? super looking forward to it!

  5. Still nothing here…..hoping for a monday (((((WOOB-BLAST)))))!
    Crossing fingers.

  6. ………..bbbbzzzzzztttt. sssskkkriiitt…..
    ….commencing (((((WOOB – BLAST)))))…

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