Woob – ‘Return to the City’ Series 9, Lv.2 Keycards Now Available – Batch/0 Edition Includes Tokyo Run Signed Artwork and Sticker set.


The Return to the City keycard is back! With a Special Batch/0 Signature edition that includes a signed Tokyo Run Artcard, Tokyo Run Micro 6 Sticker set + RTTC Sticker Set. This version is limited to just 30 Pieces with a regular version limited to around 70.

As seen in Tokyo Run this new level 2 variety may not grant you immediate mainframe access like the Level 4 cards (you will need the video above and a little patience for that) but still includes extensive city access and now all cards comes complete with a Return to the City micro 6 sticker set.

Full details on Keycard and its contents HERE



Keycards ship early September I will post a shipping forecast nearer the time. – More info on stickers sets coming soon.



Added RTTC sticker set image


BATCH 0 keycards SOLD OUT shortly after Woob Update 9 went out on Friday. However there are still some identical Level.2 cards available minus the TR stuff !


  1. Ronald van den Kieboom says:

    Ordered! But how do I know I have the limited version?

  2. Ronald van den Kieboom says:


    I’m not sure I ordered the correct one, would like to have the 30 limited run, can uou check please?

    • season9 says:

      You paid for the wrong one but your amount was correct. I will make the necessary adjustments – clearly you were over excited! :)

  3. Indeed, now I ordered twice! Would you be so kind to cancel the non signed version please?

    • season9 says:

      Doh! You will need to use the contact button on the bandcamp page – ask them to cancel the first order explain it was a mistake. If you have any problems contact me through http://www.woob.info

  4. ORDERED! i was so bummed to miss out on the first keycard, but this makes me happy :) thanks paul, for continuing to create wonderful music and generally being awesome.

  5. Ronald van den Kieboom says:

    You know how I was when I misserd the first batch, now I received the mail while driving, haha.

  6. Purchased the Art edition. So happy I caught this post in time as I missed the first one! You just made my day Paul. It’s great to see all your mixed media explorations. There is so much more at our disposal now than there was in the good ol Em:t days. You have been a huge influence to me since your first Woob and Journeyman albums. Looking forward to more amazing work!


  7. Nikos_lab says:

    I ve lost the first one too. Glad I saw this email in time : )
    Thank you!

  8. Absolutely Beautiful!
    You’ve really outdone yourself with this one.
    Love the “extras”.
    Can’t wait for the feature!


  1. […] all components are here for shipping to begin for the Woob – Return to the City, Level 2 Keycards including both sticker sets & the Batch/0 Tokyo Run comic strip art cards. (See […]

  2. […] you can see the film features an access card not unlike the Return to the City Keycard. In the real world a Series 9, Level 4 Keycard gave you access to the ‘Mainframe’ – a beta […]

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