Behind the Scenes – Max & Harvey – Space Therapy The Movie

The video above for Max & Harvey – Space Therapy may look like a still picture with a simple animated starfield backdrop but in fact like many special effects these days there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. For over six months the great people at Weta Digital helped by an additional sub team, with members from Industrial Light and Magic, worked tirelessly to bring to you what appears on first glance to be something so simple. Each Star (or Sun) represented in the video was carefully and individually animated and rendered for the ultimate in realism. Below you can see a rough animated mock up of just one of the Suns used to make up the starfield.

This still image shows the fine detail given to each Sun and is just one of thousands of individual Suns created to make that starfield look so believable and was ultimately necessary to help make the shifts in time and tempo work so well together.

Moving on to the foreground, you would be surprised to find it is actually fully animated but moving at such an incredible frame rate as not to be visible to the human eye. This was necessary to create that wonderful static effect which juxtaposes so effortlessly against that incredible starfield.

Max & Harvey would like to thanks all those involved who helped make their vision a reality in this very special film and hope you the viewer enjoy it for years to come.

VIA Woob Tube

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