Artifacts revealed!

Two mysterious ‘Return to the City‘ BAS ARTIFACT catalogue numbers have appeared on the Bigamoebasounds website along side the original Level 4 Keycards and Mainframe edition (pictured above). Clue to future releases?… Perhaps more level 4 keycards ? Well that’s certainly not possible so they must be something else but with that same 01 catalogue prefix what could they be?…only time will tell.


  1. mwrd2011 says:

    That should make afew fans sleep a little happier tonight :)

  2. Ronald van den Kieboom says:

    Uh remember me?

  3. UT!!!

  4. Andrew says:

    Hmmm… if ‘M’ stood for Mainframe, what type of artifact could ‘B’ and ‘BO’ stand for? A book? A biological organism? It should be Bleeding Obvious, but I really can’t guess!

  5. Now this has got my curiosity up. Hey Paul.

  6. Hopefully not next week when I’m on holiday.

  7. Awkwardphase says:

    Thanks for making my birthday even better, will keep my eyes peeled.

  8. Scab Boy says:

    i aint got a clue what’s goin’ on…
    what…? where am I…? who are you…? who…? wha…?

  9. Ronald van den Kieboom says:

    Paul, I know you won’t answer in public, but would you be so kind to contact me please?
    I currently have he possibility to obtain the signed card (high price though) and don’t know what to do.
    I need your advise if to wait or to buy from this seller.


  10. stephen says:

    oh paul,you are a tease….cancels all holidays ;)

  11. season9 says:


  1. […] and see where it gets you! For those after something more tangible those BAS artifacts previously mentioned are in fact Series 9 (MK2) Level 2 Keycards – full details to be revealed shortly in a follow […]

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