Max and Harvey – Space Therapy [Woob Remixes] OUT NOW. Comment to win Exclusive Limited Edition Cover Art Print

Your therapy session has begun with some very different Woob remixes of previously unreleased Max & Harvey track:  Space Therapy.

A variety of therapy is available from Hollywood Style to Experimental Disaster therapy, the original Max & Harvey Self-Help therapy is also included. Your 35 minute Session is free to begin (£3 to take away) at the Emporium. LINK

Comment below for a chance to win a Ltd. Ed. Woob Signed Art Card print – 5 people will be picked randomly in a few weeks time. You can comment up to 5 times but can only win once!


Winners here


  1. Leave a comment, you say?? Why, sure thing!!

  2. Sweet, looking forward to this one!

  3. ZOOT!

  4. mwrd2011 says:

    just about to download these beauties…

    everythings looking good from here!

  5. Well, can’t say I haven’t been warned this time! THX

  6. Having had the chance to give this a full listen, I feel like I can now comment. I am fascinated by the fact that you can so easily diversify your output (Woob vs Max&Harvey vs Journeyman) and each has so much character that is all their own. Then, suddenly you do a Woob remix of M&H that is not exactly Woob and not exactly M&H, yet it’s a whole new extension of what I’m familiar with. My other favorite thing about this release is that the dialogs are back!!! The samples you use have always been one of my favorite things about Woob. Strangely, hearing how sample-heavy this was surprised me the most. I guess I forgot how much I love that element of your music. Another fantastic release!

  7. Anthony says:

    Loving all these regular releases, keep it up.

  8. my preciouusss : )

  9. ahhhhhh, most excellent paul.. that artwork is equally as awesome as the music.
    much love

  10. BenAlex says:

    Some places cite M&H as being a duo, but by the sound of it it’s only you… Clarification? Also, is Journeyman also just one person? I’m slightly confused. But anyway, great sounds as always!

    • season9 says:

      M&H beginnings originate from a compilation track in the 90’s co-produced with Mark Butt but since the first proper release in 2000 Big Amoeba Sound on Zen Cuts its just been me producing but with Riad Abji (woob4495) playing Classical Guitar on a lot of the early stuff. The name Max & Harvey comes from the name of Mark Butts dogs! and their image forms the logo. Also their cartoon counterparts (from the film Silk) are a hybrid of Max/Riad Abji and Harvey/Paul Frankland! Any clearer? :)

  11. yes, really cool cover artwork. looking forward hearing this. props !!

  12. Just ordered my copy. It’s great to see fairly regular Woob & Max & Harvey releases. Thanks.

  13. Benny Lava says:

    Just streaming the tracks now and thoroughly enjoying them. Receiving the note on the new release was a welcome surprise.

  14. Andrew says:

    Once again Woob subverts the distinction between sound and vision. Paul’s music of has always been ‘filmic’ and with Space Therapy he takes us on another extraordinary sensory adventure. This is the soundtrack for a surrealist dream, in which we journey through mysterious landscapes and encounter refugees from past lives, old movies, drug-fueled fantasies and alien abductions. Plug in the headphones and watch the spectacle.

  15. i can’t think of anything sufficiently witty here, but i always love it when you post new music :D many will enter, few will win!

  16. Aaaaaaand I’m back!

  17. A new release. It is every time a small piece of paradise. Thank you M. Frankland.

  18. Jeffrey says:

    LOVING this release! :-)

  19. …I don’t know. I don’t care! I only know I’m here. I only know I’m happy….

  20. Mr. Frankland, if you are reading this, I was listening to the radio the other day and almost crapped myself thinking Mama 6, pt. 1 was being played… only to realize that the Etta James sample you pioneered was being recycled some 15 years later by a “Flo Rida”!

  21. Andrew says:

    One of the sources: For track 2 @ 1:34, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have an important announcement to make. Intervision is going to present you minute-by-minute the starek (?) launching of the cosmostrator…”

    From: First Spaceship on Venus (US release 1962). Check @ 09:37

    Based on the novel Astronauci by Stanislaw Lem… classic stuff!

  22. DarekM says:

    Love it!!!

  23. Great, pyramidal! Looking forward to this one!

  24. Great news! This is me commenting, and leaving a comment, on the comment thread. W

  25. Woob still remains my number one influence in ambient music ever since i bought Paul Franklands cassette from future music magazine which i still have, the Woob sound is still like no other, I agree with what Mike said about samples, you’ve always been clever with the way you soundstage them which most others never do. the orchestration is beautifully placed, could go on and on but you know your still the best Paul.

  26. BlueTango says:

    Another great release!

  27. Paul’s music is full of surprises, tension and mystery. This release is again master piece. I’m buying it without hesitation …

  28. Yet more skin tingling music…..I have been listening for along time and more is definitely more!…….Keep on giving…we love it ;)

  29. g2-1631f755566e9090fead5a445000f1ce says:

    Looking forward to it… Pick me!

  30. Michael says:

    Looking forward to it! Pick me!

  31. season9 says:

    Thanks to all for the great comments so far…

  32. How about a collaboration with Geir Jenssen of biosphere?
    Would be interesting I think.

    • erutan says:

      That would be! Seeing you take on substrata (or some original project) would be fascinating.

      • That would be incredible! Substrata is an amazing album.
        … so another vote from me :)

  33. I just wanted to comment on Steven’s post above me. That would be an interesting combination, I’m a big fan of Geir Jenssen’s work. Perhaps a Woob remix of a Biosphere track. We can hope, right??

  34. Something to look forward to– I always appreciate that.

  35. Matt Sandwich says:

    Hard to believe I’ve been listening to ‘le sound Frankland’ for some fifteen years now (I found my copy of 1194 in a Tokyo Tower Records), but I always look forward to more.

  36. norvez says:

    One of best songs to have sweat dreams! thks!

  37. Scab Boy says:

    Had my therapy…now i’m the opposite of claustrophobic…

  38. You never disappoint. Thank you!… This made my day.

  39. Andrew says:


  40. keep em comin …

  41. stephen says:

    another superb release paul…love it !!! its great that you are so prolific these days & really fantastic to hear a full max & harvey album is coming this year :) wonderful news!!!!!!!

  42. Excellent cover art. Space Whale Thing makes it, though I’m a fan a space versions of anything. Need to buy this release now..

  43. watt1969 says:

    No. 1: About the cover art.
    A collage of space theme elements which, under close inspection, could potentially reveal the depths of the inner world of its creator. It shows a panorama, an outlook beyond the horizon of our earth of today. We see into a future of this planet which may or may not incorporate the beings and landscapes we know now, have known in the past or will know in a possible future. Referencing the technologies of yesterday it would not be a surprise to us, spectators, that the future of our planet will be a replay of these same historical events we took for granted at the time and never really, deeply, understood.
    And the most exciting question we may ask ourselves is: of what essence is the being that will inherit Earth as we have loved her? Will it be us, standing naked before our own vision of Life we enjoyed… or is there an outsider being, watching us already from outer space, to whom we will relay our innermost secrets regarding Life on earth… when our time is up?

  44. erutan says:

    Is the sloppy paste job around the elk intentional? It’s both a bit jarring and somehow in tune with the layers of cut out paper feel the cover has.

    • season9 says:

      It’s always intentional:) I did tidy that up at one stage but It lost it’s charm + I missed the stealth rabbit !

  45. ((((((((((((FANTASTIC STUFF)))))))))))

  46. OkamiShiro says:

    I hadn’t heard of Woob until I saw inter//states by Samuel Cockedey, but from then on I’ve been obsessively downloading all of your stuff! I’ve always loved electronic music, I was listening to The Orb and FSOL at school when all my friends were listening to Alanis Morisette! Ha! I’ve never heard anything quite like Woob though, I can’t quite find the right words to describe it. Flipping amazing.

  47. Another incredible production from Mr Frankland :)
    Please keep going… i cant get enough of your music.

    BTW… that 85-bit high pitched tone is still there with different cans :(

  48. I’ve been a big fan since the sleep release on ninja tune in 2006 (love the cover design of that one also), and have been buying your releases ever since. Its quality over quantity with you guys, but can we expect a full release some day? :) Preferably on vinyl so I can play it on my phonograph. Cover reminds me of those 40s/50s sf novels like world of null-a. Good stuff!

  49. mwrd2011 says:

    Just a quick note to say if your enjoying these Woob remixes of Max & Harvey, something that might be of interest is Cliff Martinez’ soundtrack score to the movie Drive.
    These two played together form an even bigger picture and a great listen :)


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