Max and Harvey – Space Therapy [Woob Remixes]

Therapy begins March 2012



  1. mwrd2011 says:

    Looks good and probably sounds even better, can’t wait!

    Like the nice ‘Old Style’ poster Paul, very nice indeed, although the spelling of ‘Odessey’ looks a wee bit suspect to me ;)

  2. [Sarcasm mode on]
    Limited to 50?
    [Sarcasm mode off]

  3. mwrd2011 says:

    Thats better…
    lucky I didn’t say anything about the lady only having one eye though, thought for one moment somebody had an eraser moment while using photoshop then I looked again and realised she was only meant to have one eye ;)

  4. WHOA!!! this is very exciting indeed, max & harvey x woob… sounds like therapy to me :) any clues on the format of this release paul?

  5. Well this is good news. Can’t wait to hear it!

  6. stephen says:

    flexi-disc…. he he:) ahh,what a lovely 5 mins that was!!!

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