Rare Emit – Gas 0095 Cassette Promo

I was searching the Season 9 cassette archives for some old Woob stuff when I happened upon this Emit Gas 0095 preview cassette.  Produced in very Limited numbers there was one for every Emit release and they were used as advance promotional copies. I used to own a Woob one but couldn’t find it – probably gave it away!

Gas 0095 recorded by Mat Jarvis is widely regarded as one of the best Emit releases. Today the original CD is much sought after among collectors and has been re-released through Microscopics. Some of the music also features in the hit ambient PC/Mac/iOS game Osmos.

So with this recent discovery it begs the question…

How much is it worth?:)


  1. mwrd2011 says:

    Probably alot!
    But didnt most people threw away their old tape players when tapes died out, its a great item, personally though I could never get into Gas the way others could and yes I even re-brought the release when it got re-released digitally to see if my views had changed, but sadly its well produced but just doesnt grab me like Woob did and still does, sorry Matt…

    One Emit project I did love was ‘Strawberry Girl’ but sadly the superb ‘Poesie’ very annoyingly fades into ‘Woob’s Void Part One’ grrrr – It would be great to get both (hint hint) tracks in an un-mixed form :)

  2. Unfortunately for an anal collector like myself it will bring about a ton… ;-(

  3. Wow, im sure collectors would pay a lot for that!
    IMHO… 1194 is the best Emit release, with 0095 coming in a close 2nd.

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