Woob – Return to the City Soundtrack now available on iTunes and Amazon + Version, Format Details

Woob – ‘Return to the City’ Original Soundtrack is now available on Amazon + iTunes worldwide. This version of the soundtrack omits the part breakdowns from the Bandcamp/Woobsound version to keep the price sane but includes – The 3 Cities UNCUT, Fragment Analysis and an extended version of  Return to the City Cinematic (don’t worry if you already picked the album up from Bandcamp it’s just an extended edit)

Woob – Return to the City (Original Soundtrack) – iTunes

Woob – Return to the City (Original Soundtrack) – Amazon

Woob – Return to the City (Original Soundtrack) – Woobsound/Bandcamp

Bandcamp remains the best way to grab the album especially if you use iTunes Player as you can select the ALAC version which will give you access to a CD quality Apple Lossless version compatible with iTunes on Windows and OS X + iPhone iPod & iPad. If you don’t use/like iTunes Player grab the FLAC version.


  1. Any news on the mainframe edition? My F5 button broke.

  2. Please not this coming thursday

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