Return to the City – Woob Soundtrack Artwork on ‘Cover Culture’ Plus Film Stills on Flickr and a Hidden Review uncovered.

Above: a UFO from Return to the City Preview

Talented creative director Guillaume-Ulrich Chifflot – Chief editor of Cover Culture a site dedicated to album artwork past and present,  recently asked for some details about the artwork for the ‘Return to the City‘ Soundtrack. Visit the site to check out the post, there is a voting system in place so if you like the cover hit that button! + make sure you have a scan around – there are some great + classic covers to see LINK

Film Stills

I have a put a few stills from the RTTC Preview up on the Season 9 Flickr Photostream – which is in need of some attention as well as some images…will get around to it at some point.

Hidden Review

Andrew Dubber – now the official album reviewer for Bandcamp has a new review site / music blog. It’s hidden though.. tucked away behind an inconspicuous link! this surely goes against the idea of a review site but there is purpose behind the madness. From the site:

“it can just be a word of mouth, ‘friends and colleagues’ sort of thing rather than a ‘promotional’ thing. Hope that makes sense.”

The site purposely does not register in any search engines or trackbacks except one (he must have overlooked) this lead me to his blog and an Angela Lansbury type investgation ensued… until I gave up and came back later. Having found the brief but very nice review I realised I couldnt actually share it directly with you nor could I quote it infact the mere mention of it is probably a step to far….. Potential Poirots however should start here.

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