Woob – ‘Return to the City’ Keycard

New Pictures Emerge.

Above – Magnetic vacuum sealed case and prototype card.

Below – details about the card from the Woob bandcamp page:

Access undiscovered parts of the City and gain entry to the ‘Mainframe’ – with this strictly Limited Edition (only 50 made) 4GB USB Keycard and case.


+ Return to the City 24-bit WAV Masters
+ Exclusive Mix of forthcoming Album Track: Mainframe
+ Woob HQ currently unreleased tracks including:
Re-edits : 85-bit (64K edition) / Repurposed + additional misc fragments.

The card does not ship at the same time as the digital release. Hoping for early Dec. but if it gets too late then after the holidays due to the Xmas post. One per person. Link


Less than Half the Keycards remain!

UPDATE II (3:40 UTC 23/11/11)



Follow up post..  Link


Level 2 Keycards Now Available


  1. I still don’t know what it is…. but I know I want one! An artifact from the future. Can’t wait.

  2. Cannot.Wait.Head.Is.Exploding

  3. Vincent GARRETT says:

    Look awesome, it will perfectly fit as new Year gift !!!
    Regards from France.

  4. Very exciting. I’m also happy to be able to show my support.
    Love your stuff, especially Repurpose which has been hammered for the last year or so.
    Keep it up.

  5. two words…
    woobtastic mate!
    ordered mine, now just got to wait patiently… again ;)

  6. Damn, got the email, already sold out! Fantastic concept. The photography above is most enticing.

  7. jeez, just got the mail and already sold out. This is just rediculous!

    • Sorry Ronald (and others) they sold out way faster than anticipated. It takes hours to send all the mail out but I didn’t send any out after they had all gone… They just seemed to go all at once!

      Will put up another post soon with futher info.

  8. Please reserve one copy if repressed

  9. i have R.T.T.C on a loop at the moment,what can i say,first repurpose,then the sublime soleno mix & now this!!! splendid stuff paul! i just cant wait for that keycard to arrive :)
    very excited!!!!!!!!

  10. My heart is broken I missed out, but your music repairs that.
    I’ve got the original em:t albums so I have little piece of history.
    Thanks for the Music Mr Woob.


  1. […] Plus a big Thank-you to everyone who has already shown great support by grabbing those Keycards! […]

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