BBC’s James May sends pet ashes into space accompanied by Woob’s Wuub music

Above – James doing something similar but not what this post is about..


Last night the BBC’s James May (Top Gear) sent cat and budgie ashes into space as part of a featured segment in his new series of Man Lab. Just before the point of separation as the balloons drifted 30,111 meters above earth’s surface the serene tones of Woob’s Wuub played and something became abundantly clear… Wuub is an old recording and a 20th Anniversary remastered edition of Woob 1194 can’t come soon enough:)

Thanks Will for thinking of Woob at this point In the series.

If you are in the UK you can watch the whole thing on iPlayer. Otherwise wait for the inevitable youtube video.Has been posted in comments below.

Woob – Wuub

More Woob…?

Woob in Space

Tokyo Time-Lapse Re-imagined


  1. Martin Ward says:

    20th anniversary remaster, grrrrr i hate these teases of things to come :)
    now i need to get hold of a tardis, nip to the future and listen to this release then i’ll be a happy person!
    Quick question, anychance you could add a download of the music from the ‘unknown quantity’ trailer, i love that and its a great addition to the full track ?
    Hope so…

  2. There’s the inevitable Youtube video ;)

  3. Will the remaster include the original 3D Soundspace technology or maybe some new 4D improvement? I always wondered if the 3D sound processing was woob’s original vision or something added in the mix/master process. I’m intensely interested to hear what a remaster will sound like.

  4. Jim Dance says:

    I want to know, apart from the weather balloon, exactly what the other instruments, technology etc etc. was needed to achieve the pictures and to locate the items once they have landed, any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks Jim


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