Spaced – An ambient mix of recordings from 1972-2011

Above ‘The Terminal’ by Sebastien Hue via

MIke G has created a sublime DJ MIx drawing on nearly four decades of downtempo tunes. The mix entitled Spaced Volume 1 can be streamed or downloaded over at Mixcrate and includes music from Tangerine Dream, Bruno Sanfilippo, Boy Is Fiction, Humate, Michael Stearns, Jonn Serrie, Odessi, Mystical Sun and yes there is even a Woob track in there somewhere.

Mike G aka Mike Watson is probably best known for his resource – the Ambient Music Guide. The site a great way of discovering ambient & downtempo music began life back in 1992 as reference book manuscript.

Heres Mike’s excellent definition of Ambience from the site.

  • It has a subtlety of form and rewards close listener attention.
  • It doesn’t fit easily – or at all – into the mainstream classifications of rock, dance, folk, classical or jazz, and has been misunderstood or at worst ignored by reference works on those genres.
  • It is mostly instrumental, or if vocal it emphasises the timbrel qualities of the human voice rather than actual lyrics.
  • Thanks to jet age travel, the internet and the development of the synthesiser and studio technology this music can offer us musical meetings unheard of before the second half of the 20th Century.

Spaced Vol.1 LISTEN


  1. Michał Hanke says:

    Big thanks for this link. The mix is awesome.

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