Woob 0611 Solenomix – Listen Now

The Woob radio mix (Solenomix) is available to listen online now HERE

A full tracklist is available there also. So put on those headphones and 3D glasses and enjoy.



  1. Jan Henk Speelman says:

    Excellent…(with a sigh). There is so much garbage and mediocrity in the life that I live in Holland, Rotterdam. Such a resting place of musical comfort. Thank you…

  2. Thanks again for including one of my tracks on the mix. What an honor! :D

  3. I have been listening to Woob 1194 & 4495 on a regular basis ever since I BOUGHT the CDs when they came out. They meant so much to me on many levels. Imagine how ecstatic I feel now after having listened to this new mix. Wonderful.

    The new album and EP are sublime too.

    Oh happy days……


  4. man, that was a sweet mix. always glad to hear more from you, paul! how did this happen, did they approach you to do the mix, or…? i’m curious. -tony.

  5. Just to echo what’s already been said, lovely mix, I’m enjoying it immensely.

    Looking forward to even more new stuff.

  6. season9 says:

    Thanks Anto !

  7. i thought woob things were abit quiet, so i thought i’d have a quick look here :) wow glad i did, a new 60 min radio mix, is this a first? excellent stuff from start to finish, even the french djs voice doesnt get in the way… too much ;)
    i know i’ve said it before, but the sound quality of your work is amazing!
    just a thought but maybe all the people who visit here should get together and donate to get our own exclusive woob mix set…
    hows the new project coming along, cant wait to hear it when it is finally finished

    • season9 says:

      Thanks Martin glad you liked it. Actually a Season 9 exclusive track is already in the works

      • a season 9 exclusive, now thats what i like to hear :)
        one more quick question, re: the new woob release, i love listening to the releases in their full, but is there anychance, maybe as a bonus or seperate releases, could we get the tracks individually as well?
        its nice sometimes just to have a single track or two to play in playlists or mixes…
        thanks again

      • season9 says:

        That is unlikely as the mix often creates the track, however at the moment It’s looking like the new album is going to be individual tracks with an added bonus mix download.

      • either way sounds great paul, now all i’ve got to do is wait patiently until release day :)
        on a seperate note ‘origins – prelude’ has nestled nicely in my top 3 most played tracks on my ipod, just behind oliver lieb’s ‘circus maximus’ and LSG ‘cellular 2’ so high praise for an outstanding track!!

  8. Nice mix Paul. :)

    Can you tell me from what movie those Vincent Price samples come from?

  9. any chance you can post this mix on soundcloud or somewhere without the french dude yapping at the start and end, bit rude that he does it all over you mix if you ask me!

  10. motorik says:

    any plans to do any more mixes? love this, with the french dude.

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