Although 2010 didn’t suddenly become the Future that Never Happened, it did however do a lot better than 1999 and 2001. In-fact the picture above of the International Space Station’s new observatory module (Cupola) goes a long way to help full-fill some of those old prophecy’s.

Other 2010 notable – science fiction realised highlights include: Moonbase Antarctica (see below), Scientists discovering  new life on earth? the first working flying saucer, Microsoft’s Kinect making Minority Report CPU control a commercial reality – Nintendo style:(  Apple’s perfect sci-fi future gadget the iPad and this roof-top lawn in New York (below.)

Here’s hoping by 2015 my studio will look more like this guys office at around 2:45 – or even the place below.

I’ll let Space play us out….


  1. Thanks , great blog . Good Information .

    Cheers Bill

  2. Repurpose was the best thing to happen last year without a doubt. To say thanks, I made a track for you Paul.

    I started a few months ago and only got round to finishing (albeit a quick mixdown) tonight.

    Hope theres more Woobness in 11.
    Also I recently checked my paypal outgoings and I haven’t sent you that CD yet!! Terribly sorry, I’ll make one for you this week.


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