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  1. Hello there !
    Nice piece indeed, part of an outcoming release ?
    Have a good day and merry xmas !

    Regards from France.

  2. Thanks for posting this piece, Paul. I hope it will turn up on a release in the future. Have a great festive season. Cheers from the brilliantly sunny -20c of Edmonton.

  3. Yikes -20 and I thought it was cold here!
    Cheers guys have a great Xmas!

  4. any connection to fourteen thirtythree?
    They sound very different but both are great!

  5. Mike Mullen (Konfussion) says:

    Ok, what is this? Is this something you stumbled across or is your figurative hand entrenched in this in some manner? Not seeing anything in a Google search for soundtheatre. Either way it’s fantastic.

  6. Michał Hanke says:

    Holy Cow! This is delicious. It suits very well with (or maybe to) Unknown Quantity I think. These two are like from one album. Deep, cosmic, spatial jounrney. Thanks for this one and have a great Christmas. Regards from Poland!

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