Woob – TEN TON LABORATORY : Vol. 1 – Scream Systems x50i.

First in the series – a sort of Woob behind the scenes !

More info and HD


Max and Harvey – Amoeba EP.

As a prelude to the forthcoming début LP a FREE Max & Harvey EP is now available featuring the classic Big Amoeba Sound, the amoeba length ‘Interval– (which will sound familiar to those who may have visited the M&H website in the past) and a stripped back beatless arrangement of ‘Thieves’ – The Score.

Virtual red vinyl is included – LINK

5時25分の寒気 (Chill at 5:25)

This amazing painting is one of a series by Japanese Artist – Shuichi Nakano. If you are anywhere near Akita City you can see it in person at the ‘Searching for Paradise ‘ exhibition (details below) otherwise check out the rest via: Pink Tentacle

date: 6 October ~11 October, 2010
place:cocolaboratry/gallery 3-1-12 Omachi,Akita-city, Akita Pref. 010-092 Japan

Max and Harvey – If I Don’t Make it Home (now in US, Canada)

As of today the new Max & Harvey track is in now availabe in the US and Canada (iTunes). More Info

Amoeba EP incoming this week at the Emporium.

Watch out!