Max and Harvey – If I Don’t Make it Home.

Finally, a brand new full-length Max & Harvey track is now available*

The off-world, ‘If I Don’t Make it Home’ not only marks the return of Max & Harvey but also the angelic voice of Siobhan Lynch who previously appeared (in reverse) on the last release Thieves. The track is part of the Ninja Tune XX anniversary celebrations (via:XX Vol.2) and is exclusive to iTunes…

…at least until the début album hits sometime in the future! LINK

You can find the whole compilation HERE

Click play to hear a short preview of the track

More information and music can be found at Max and Harvey’s Music Emporium.

*Unfortunately if you live in Canada or the US you will have to wait until the 5th of October. LINK

Image Credit: Concept-Sarah Air. Design-Antenna. Original photograph-source unknown.


  1. thanks for the information (: i loved the song

  2. Absolutely stoked that an album is due. Always thought Sleep was one of the best things ninja has ever put out, not to mention your one off tracks too. Beautifully constructed, evocative and emotive. Looking forward to the new sounds.


  1. […] As of today the new Max & Harvey track is in now availabe in the US and Canada (iTunes). More Info […]

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