Woob – Repurpose CD Shipping Forecast.

The 1st Edition posters have arrived!

As you can see they look great. The poster is A3 double-sided with the cover on one side (shown) and a variation on the second page of the digi-booklet on the other. Though these are primarily for the lucky few who secured a copy of the 1st Edition everyone who ordered a CD will now receive a bonus A6 album art-card.

Only one more piece of the puzzle now remains and the 1st edition can start shipping end of next week albeit a week or so later than I had hoped – thanks for your patience to all those who ordered.

2nd edition is still on schedule for end of month, though they will ship in daily batches in date of order and it’s at this point I will probably regret not pricing up postage to Russia, Australia and Japan!


  1. Lookin’ good! I’ve been playing portions of the album during my radio shows lately. Looking forward to seeing this deluxe package.

    • season9 says:

      nice one Noah:)

    • Hey, Noah- glad to hear you’re still on the air. Wish I still had a show to pump this on. I may have to finally get off my ass and start putting up some mixes online like I’ve been meaning to for years now.

      Can’t wait to see the artwork in real life!

  2. Woo(b)!

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